Do smartphones make our kids stupid and sick?

The prevalence of smartphone use among young people and teenagers has increased recently, especially after the spread of the Corona pandemic, our commitment to home quarantine and the closure of many sports clubs and play areas. But what are the dangers to our health and that of our children? .. ,eye sensitivity to the phone effects
During the period of the corona pandemic and the increased infection, the use of digital media in young people and children to spend time and communicate with each other increased. They also provided them with opportunities for online home learning and sharing their experiences with friends.
All of this contributed to the attachment of young people to the smartphone more, especially since the restrictions on its use were not strict for many families during the period of home quarantine, but experts warn that smartphones not only have advantages, but also carry for our children many drawbacks, which made them ring the alarm bells. ,children health defense

Children are attached to the smartphone and the content of existing apps, and some young people try to continue using it for long periods of time, even at bedtime, many families are being troubled.,children's health urgent care

According to a survey conducted by a German health insurance company, nearly half of the nearly 1,000 parents surveyed fear their children's smartphone addiction, and problems with lack of concentration "44%" and lack of exercise "38%" are seen as potentially negative consequences for girls and children aged 10 to 18, according to The Focus magazine. ,children's health virtual visit

"Justified fears"
Psychologist Francesca Clem says parents' fears are justified, as there are indications that more and more children and adolescents are suffering from diseases previously unusual for their age group. According to Focus, diseases such as movement disorders or obesity, as well as sleep disorders, have increased in the age groups from 6 to 18 years compared to the previous.
Neuroscientist Martin Corti of The Brownschweig Technical University says: "Language development in young people is worrying and there are difficulties in how parents communicate with their children." Professor Corti emphasizes that it is important for children to see the face and mouth of parents when they speak to them. This is not always possible if parents are constantly sitting behind their devices or constantly filming what their children are doing. Excessive use of a smartphone by parents was a bad example for children. ,children's health zoominfo

A global problem 
One of the recommendations of the Pediatricians' Union for parents is to try to keep screen media as far away from their children as possible until they reach the age of three, as this may expose them to many risks. According to the KKH survey, 80% of parents set rules for their children's use of smartphones, while 63% prevent them from catching the phone at certain times, such as meal time or before bedtime. ,eyes sensitive to phone light
According to a Us study, the concerns of addiction to smart devices in children are an obsession for many families there. The study indicated that children in the United States, on average, spend about 6 hours a day in front of different devices, while girls in the same age often spend their time on social media. 

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