Eat these foods for the best muscles growth naturally

All bodybuilders, especially beginners, should know that the process of healthy and healthy muscle construction with rapid results is based on three main elements, namely, a safe health training system suitable for the nature, strength and ability to bear muscles, and secondof those elements of physical comfort that have an important role in the reconstruction and restoration of tissues and muscle fibers that are damaged resulting from exercise and accelerate the process of muscle healing and psychological comfort that have an important role in regulating the functioning of certain hormones that have to do with the process of building muscles and preventing Depletion and deterioration, including the stress hormone and the third and most important element, which constitutes more than 60% of the process of muscle construction "nutrition" rich in active nutrients and affecting the process of muscle construction such as proteins and carbohydrates, the lesson of nutrition and not the number of meals and quantity, as far as what their content, yes bodybuilding game is the only game in which its practitioners eat what they hate and the only game that its practitioners eat some of their meals that they do not prefer and is a profitable commercial game for the producers of supplements unfortunately to believe many trainees to believe That supplements are the way to build muscle and forget that the supplements are expressive to their name supplements for the main diet followed and will not yield any result if the compositional content of the main diet is impaired. ,fitness journal

It should be noted that the nutrients needed by bodybuilders are not only limited to proteins, but their daily diet should include to reach muscle building and reduce fat acquisition at the same time to carbohydrates, healthy fats and dietary fibers. The main bodybuilding players are providing the body with the energy necessary to perform exercises highly and also work to compensate the energy consumed due to exercise and speed up the process of healing muscles and prepare them for the next effort and have an important role in the storage of energy and glucose glycogen within the muscle fibers, which in turn stimulates the process of muscle growth, and eating vitamins and minerals found in vegetables and fruits is the main key that helps the muscles to speed their recovery and recovery due to the physical exerti this diet consisting of all the elements mentioned is the basis of the construction Healthy muscle and almost free of fat gain but if all the elements are available and the training performance is correct to help burn fat and at the same time increase the muscle mass of the trainee, so we wanted to explain to everyone what basic and available foods are available as much as possible that these players should rely on to encourage the process of muscle construction and acceleration or foods for muscle building,is:

Muscle-building foods

Egg whites

It is an integrated protein component characterized by its composition containing a variety of amino acids distributed and pumped directly to the muscle fibers without the need to pass through the liver so speed up the process of restoration and construction and storage of glycogenetic energy within it, and other advantages of egg whites is that it urges the body to produce non-essential amino acids such as arginin and glutamine, which facilitate and support the process of muscular construction and do not forget the important advantage of the eggs in general, namely, the enjoyment of the important calcium element to maintain the safety and strength of the bones supporting the muscle system. ,fitness

Salmon and tuna

They are nutrients that are almost full of protein and omega 3 these elements build new muscle tissue and at the same time reduce the destruction of old muscle tissue resulting from stressful exercise and result more efficient and rapid in the process of building and developing the muscle system by stimulating the hormones of testosterone and normal growth within the body. ,fitness bank

Pure red beef

It is a red protein piece characterized by the abundance of the main energy supporting element of the muscles, namely, the food creatiine, and beef contains iron and zinc, which play a crucial role in the process of muscle development and building. ,fitness kitchen


The muscle drug is called the best source of alpha tok ferrol vitamin E which is absorbed by the body this nutrient H limit strong and effective antioxidants that help reduce the destruction of muscle tissue resulting from radical movements and heavy weight exercises, which improves the process of muscle construction. ,fitness one

Milk and milk are "low fat."

These are a carbohydrate protein blend that helps build and accelerate muscle healing and contains linoleic acid, a unique type of fat that helps burn fat accumulated around the muscles in the body. ,fitness marshall

Olive oil

It is an unsaturated fatty nutrient that has many benefits, including energy financing and preventing muscle breakdown by lowering levels of harmful cellular protein that is closely related to muscle wasting and its important role in reducing heart attacks, diabetes, colon cancer and osteoporosis. ,fitness models


An element that constitutes more than 75% of the muscle composition and the main benefit of water is that the muscle environment characterized by abundant water accelerates the process of growth and development clearly and larger than the dry environment, so we urge all trainees to drink water frequently may reach 12 cups water and more daily and do not forget the important role of water in the elimination of toxins and retained fluids and in the recovery of the body and avoid exposure to dehydration, which may cause many health and pathological symptoms of headaches, stress, damage to kidneys and liver and increased pulses Heart and hypertension. ,fitness one


It is called exercise fuel where many studies have shown that drinking coffee, especially nearly an hour before the training period gives tremendous training energy as the abundance of caffeine in it develops physical, mental and neurological abilities during exercise and helps to pump more oxygen into the muscles and therefore it is a good catalyst for muscle growth. ,fitness programs

Chicken breasts, turkey breasts and brown rice

Preferably boiled and skinned they are two very rich elements of soft proteans with high quality in support of the muscle building process and also characterized by almost free of fat and carbohydrates every 100 grams of chicken breast or turkey is equivalent to 23 grams of protein and preferably taken with brown rice dish brown rice contains a whole range of carbohydrates that support the body and muscles with energy to support the muscle effort during the exercise and features the turkey breast of the chicken breast with 11 vitamins and metal. There's not a lot of them in the chicken breast. ,fitness reality

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of the best sources of healthy low-sugar carbohydrates as they help build a high-quality and selected muscular body and the characteristic characteristic of this type of carbohydrate is its ability to control the hormone insulin and hinder the process of storing fat inside the human body in addition to reducing blood sugar.

Green Vegetable Group

Watercress, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, paprika, parsley, lettuce and sometimes added boiled cabbage this mixture favors to be available in one dish that eats daily from which the body derives a lot of benefits, including reducing the chance of accumulation of fat and harmful fluids around the muscles and supplying it with fiber antioxidants and preventing many diseases that we will not be exposed to mention and reduce muscle pain and the chance of exposure to atrophy and strengthen muscle tissue and bones. ,fitness is my passion


Especially oranges, grapefruit, kiwi and lemons are the most important foods that provide the body with vitamin C and magnesium these unique fruits contain a high percentage of antioxidants and have an important role in helping to burn reduced fat and get rid of retained fluids and speed up metabolisms within the body and may make a liquid mixture containing two of the elements mentioned.


It is a fruit characterized by the containment of an enzyme that helps to accelerate the digestion and extraction of protein from foods and this enzyme is called bromelin and has an important role to treat inflammation and muscle pains resulting from exercise and an important role in stimulating metabolism and fat burning processes.

Green Apple

A source of energy and is considered an auxiliary element to burn the fat accumulated around the muscles and its benefit lies in the peel because it contains antioxidant elements and pectin which helps to get rid of retained fluids and replace them with pure ones. ,fitness zone

Fish oil

Maintains the safety and health of the heart it protects against atherosclerosis and reduces the percentage of triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the blood and helps to relax blood vessels and reduce the chance of blood clotting in them and also helps fish oil to raise the immunity of the body and increase the growth and strengthen the muscles of the body by helping clear in increasing the secretion of testosterone and growth hormone and is available in the form of tablets sold in pharmacies.

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