5 Ways to Build Muscle Fast

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5 Ways to Build Muscle Fast

Muscle Building

Building body muscles means amplifying all the major muscles visible in the human body, as a body with a huge muscular structure is considered a measure of the beauty of the body, and a proof of its strength, and therefore young people accelerate the practice of sports in order to build their muscles. Building muscles is by exercising them with specialized exercises that work to inflate the muscles of the body, and these exercises are repetitions of a specific movement that strains the muscles and works to tighten them.

Types of muscle building sports

  • Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is the main sport to inflate the muscles of the body, as it mainly relies on muscle exercises and protein-rich food. Bodybuilding exercises depend on lifting heavy weights, such as iron and manual weights, repeatedly in order to strain the muscle, so the muscle begins to collapse due to the great effort exposed to it, and the benefit of a diet that contains a high protein percentage comes to rebuild the damaged muscle fibers again in a greater and stronger way than It was. Bodybuilding competitions are held in which the competition is a comparison between the bodies of competitors in terms of muscle mass and detail.

  • Sports fitness

 The sport of fitness is a sport similar to the sport of bodybuilding, in which the muscles are amplified, but in a lesser way than the sport of bodybuilding, where the practitioners of this sport focus on detailing and shaping the muscle instead of amplifying it, and the exercises of this sport differ from the exercises of bodybuilding in that they do not depend on lifting Mainly heavy weights, but exercises that benefit the body's fitness.

  • Power lifting 

 Powerlifting is a sport that relies mainly on lifting heavy weights. The focus is not on the shape and detail of the muscle, but only its ability to lift heavy weights, which are directly proportional to the size of the muscle in which competition for the amount of weight carried in one repetition Of the three exercises: Squats, Deadlift and Bench Press, this exercise relies on all exercises that help in increasing the lifted weight.

  • Muscle amplification mechanism

 The muscles of the body are divided into 5 classes when desired to inflate, which are: the arm muscles and is divided into the biceps muscle , the triceps muscle, the forearm muscle, the shoulder muscles, the back muscles, and the leg muscles. The exercises used for each muscle category differ, as exercises for the back muscles, for example, are different from exercises for the leg muscles, and so on.

Exercise stresses the muscle greatly and thus destroys the muscle fibers of that muscle, and protein is used "either through food or industrial protein products" to rebuild these fibers, as the body exploits the amino acids in protein to restore the muscle, whose fibers are also made of Amino Acids, the muscles are rebuilt so that they are bigger and stronger than before; This is to adapt the muscle to the repeated exertion obtained.

Top 5 Ways to Build Muscle Fast

In order to accelerate the process of amplifying muscles in the sport of bodybuilding, there are some recommendations and advice that practitioners of this sport do not pay attention to, and which, if you focus on them, will improve the results of the exercise.

  • Focus in the muscle during exercise

 One of the most important factors that affect the quality of the exercise and its results is the concentration in the muscle that is being exercised without the other, as the person must feel the tension of the muscle during the exercise. One of the common mistakes among bodybuilding practitioners is to lift weight regardless of the muscles used during exercise, for example, in leg muscle exercises, a person relies on his lower back muscle more than the leg muscles, and this is not what is required, but rather he must focus on muscles The leg is to be tightened during exercise, in order to ensure the results of the leg muscles, and to avoid serious injuries such as a herniated disc in the lower back muscles.

  • Weight gain or repetition during exercise when able

The stability in exercises on portable weights and the number of repetitions will lead to stability of muscle size after a while; As the muscle will get used to the effort expended. There are three solutions to this problem, namely:

  1.  Increase the amount of weights lifted during exercise while fixing the number of repetitions.
  2.  Increase the number of iterations while fixing the amount of weights lifted.
  3. Increase the amount of weights lifted and the number of repetitions as well; This is the best solution to this problem.
    "It is worth warning not to resort to these solutions unless the ability to do so is confirmed in order to avoid severe injuries, such as slipped disc, muscle tear, and joint dislocations."
  • Increase your daily protein
Protein is the main nutrient for building muscle, as it contains the amino acids necessary for the muscle, and any deficiency in it from the daily need of a bodybuilder "according to a person's weight" will lead to the breakdown of fibers without rebuilding them, and thus the muscles will not enlarge even with exercise. The amount of protein is increased by foods rich in it, such as eggs, meats of all kinds, and cheeses "preferably low-fat", or by artificial protein products, such as whey protein.

  • Increase sleep hours

The sleep period is the best period in which the body rebuilds muscles, in addition to sleep relaxing the body and providing it with energy for the next day, so the lack of the hours of sleep required per day leads to slow muscle enlargement, and there will not be enough energy to perform exercises As required.

  • Avoid habits that are harmful to health

 There are many reasons that harm the body in general, and slow down the process of enlarging muscles, including:

  1.  Smoking : smoking of all kinds weakens the blood circulation and the lungs significantly.
  2. Soft drinks: they lead to osteoporosis and weight gain, as they contain large amounts of caffeine, which is harmful if you overload it.
  3. Eating fried foods and fast meals: they contain large amounts of harmful fats and cholesterol, and thus will lead to an increase in weight.
  4. Taking contraband: its damages are many and multiple, and it can lead to death.
  5. Taking steroids: (Steroids) although they enlarge the muscles quickly, there are many disadvantages and side effects, such as infertility, imbalance of hormones in the body, and leaving them will lead to muscle atrophy and sagging.

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