8 Tips to Get The Perfect Body

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8 Tips To Getting The Perfect Body Shape

Who among us does not dream of a graceful body, good health, and an easier life, but it requires studying a lot of information about nutrition and fitness training.

How to Get a Perfect Body Shape

1- The perfect time to exercise

The truth is there is no ideal time, and it is up to the desire and ability of the trainee, as some prefer to exercise early in the morning, and others prefer to exercise at night, but as a general rule it is preferable to exercise after two or three hours after eating so as not to cause nausea.

2- Eat light meals before exercise

There are some athletes who eat a light meal that provides them with energy before starting the exercise, such as a fruit, and it is preferable to avoid eating meals rich in sugar and soft drinks, and some starchy foods can be carried to maintain the rate of energy during the exercise, such as brown bread or bananas.

3- Warming up before exercising

The warm-up is necessary to alert the muscles to the upcoming exercises, and the warm-up exercises are different from the regular exercises, as they are slow and light movements such as light walking with a gradient of walking speed until you reach a trote, and the ideal time to warm up is eight minutes, and the warm-up process sends oxygen to the muscles, and ensures the work Body more efficiently.

4- Aerobic exercises are important for large muscles in the body

 It is a group of exercises aimed at moving the large muscles of the body to the rhythm for a continuous period, and it is important for improving heart and lung health, burning calories, and controlling weight such as running, walking, cycling, and swimming.

5- Strength exercises aimed at building muscle
They are weight-lifting exercises with different weights, and they work to burn calories, build and strengthen muscles, and work to increase bone density and strengthen joints, which makes them increase a person's ability to carry out daily tasks without getting tired, as the increase in muscle mass is directly proportional to the increase in calories burned.

fitness , fitness programs
Strength training

6- The importance of stretching in exercise
Stretching improves flexibility and muscle balance, and for this the trainee must be careful to do stretching exercises in a correct and safe manner, and during stretching, it is preferable to breathe deeply and regularly, and the appropriate time to stretch after the end of exercises for five minutes.
fitness , fitness programs
Stretching exercises

7- Take time to rest the muscles

After each exercise, it is preferable to allocate time to rest the muscles, regulate breathing and heart rate, as well as strengthen the muscles from the occurrence of stiffness and acute pain.

8- Paying attention to water during exercise

It is important to drink fluids while doing exercises that last for more than half an hour. For exercises that last more than this time, it is preferable to drink sports drinks that help with energy levels, especially drinks that contain sodium, to compensate to the loss of a large amount of sodium through sweating.

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