How to Gain High Fitness

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Good Nutrition
 Nutrition is one of the most important things to get fit, where a balanced diet can be followed, helping to get the calories and nutrients your body needs for daily activities, including regular exercise, when it comes to eating foods to support activity, and exercising, a person needs to get the right types of food, and at appropriate times during the day.

Exercise should be done regularly, as one of the best things to be good for health, because of its many benefits, such as improving overall body health, gaining fitness, reducing the risk of many chronic diseases, and you may have difficulty starting to exercise regularly, so you can start slowly, and split your exercise time.

There are many different types of exercises to be done, including:

  • Endurance or aerobic exercises, breathing increased activities and heart rate improve heart and lung health, circulatory system, as well as improve overall fitness, such as brisk walking, swimming, jogging and cycling. 
  • Strength or resistance exercises, and exercises that strengthen muscles, for example: lifting weights, or resistance tools.
  •  Balance exercises, which make it easier walk on uneven surfaces, help avoid falls, and can be training by standing on one leg. 
  • Flexibility exercises: They help stretch muscles, help keep your body agile, flexible, such as yoga.

Muscle Strengthening and Endurance
Muscle strengthening is one of the elements of physical fitness, which is the ability of a muscle or a group of muscles to exert an effort to resist, because the presence of large muscle strength enhances fitness, because it enables a person to perform tasks easier, such as: pushing, pulling, and lifting, and muscle endurance is an element Another aspect of physical fitness, as the ability to continue performing repetitive movements is of less intensity over time, and muscle strength and endurance can be gained by practicing resistance exercises, such as lifting weights.

Tips for Exercise

There are some things to consider when exercising:

  • Choose activities that target different parts of the body, and basic muscles, namely: muscles around the back, abdomen, and pelvis. 
  • Choosing what a person enjoys is easy to practice regularly, if it's a person's favorite exercise, and fun for them. 
  • Ensure that you exercise safely, use the right equipment, to prevent injuries, and not to over-exercise them.

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