Simple Tips for Slimming to Lose Weight at Home

How to Lose Weight by Diet Plan!

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 Simple and important tips to lose weight

1 - Drink a glass of water
Drink a glass of water before you drown in eating a bag of chips. Some people sometimes confuse feeling hungry with feeling thirsty and end up eating more calories, while all you need is a cup of ice water. If a cup is not enough Water to satisfy your hunger cravings. You can drink a cup of flavored water, such as adding slices of lemon to the water with some mint leaves or strawberry pieces to the water. You can also drink a cup of herbal tea.

2 - Enjoy eating your favorite food
 Where instead of depriving yourself of all the foods you love completely, you can suffice with eating a piece of fresh biscuit instead of eating the entire pack, and you can also eat one piece of sweets instead of eating the entire bag of candy. The point is to reduce the amount.

3- Be careful in choosing night meals
 As one of the most destructive ways of dieting is to eat more night meals after eating dinner. Low-calorie meals such as biscuits with no more than 100 calories or half a cup of low-fat ice cream.

4- Eat protein during every meal
As protein helps you feel full more than carbohydrates and fats, it also helps build muscle and burn fat, so be careful to eat protein from healthy foods such as lamb, seafood, eggs, yogurt cheese, soybeans, grains and nuts, and include them from your main meals and small meals.

5 - Eat many small meals during the day
If you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight, but if you feel always hungry, how will you achieve that, as studies have shown that people who eat from 4 to 5 meals during the day are more able to control their appetite and weight. It is advised to divide the calories by Small meals during the day and enjoy them, preferably during the day, and that the last meal you eat is dinner.

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6 - Fill your kitchen with easy and healthy food
As the ease of obtaining healthy meals within minutes will help you to successfully lose weight and easily, order pizza but in a healthier way. Examples of these easy and fast healthy meals include frozen vegetables, low-fat cheese, tomatoes and beans packed in sheets, ready-made grilled chicken breasts, tortilla bread made Of the whole grain and bags of green salad.

7- Make spicy food
When you add spices and hot pepper to your food, this helps you feel satisfied with your food and it also helps to eat small amounts of food. when you want to eat a piece of sweets, instead eat the hot red fireball candy and such You would have eaten a hot and spicy low-fat dessert.

8 - Ask for order small sized children's meals
When you go to different restaurants, order from the children's menu as this helps to reduce the calories and control them as the small plates for children are of course filled with healthy food and fullness. This is a trick of deceiving the mind and deluding it into feeling full. Full and satisfied too.

9 - Reducing the amount of starches
Replace a cup of pasta with a cup of vegetables, and this is done simply by reducing the amount of pasta and bread that you eat, meaning is decreasing the amount of starches in exchange for an increase in the amount of vegetables eaten, and this will help you to reduce weight successfully.

10 - Eat breakfast
It is a common mistake to think that not eating breakfast may help to lose weight easily, but that this may lead to feeling hungry during the day and thus, eating a lot of food and thus, weight gain
Do not forego breakfast early in the morning, and contain cereals rich in fiber, low-fat milk and fruit.

11- You should eat meals rich in fiber
As fiber helps to feel full and helps ease digestion and eat fewer calories and thus, help in lose weight, where women must eat at least 25 grams of fiber per day while men have 38 grams of fiber, or the equivalent of 14 grams per calorie, and you can get fiber From eating foods rich in them such as a whole grains and various vegetables and fruits.

12- Cleaning kitchen shelves
Cleaning the kitchen shelves of canned food and obesity-causing foods, as if you have chips in one of the shelves with ice cream in the freezer, you will find it is difficult to lose weight.

13- Reduce the contents of your kitchen shelves
If you need something, go to buy it, because walking is a good way to lose weight.

14- Lose your weight slowly
If your period of weight loss is slow, do not feel sad, but you are on the right path, as when you gained excess weight in the past, this was done slowly and over a long period, as well as losing it, as experts believe that losing 2 kilos during the week that is the best way.

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15- Weigh yourself once a week

As people who weigh themselves more than once a week do not lose weight correctly, but may become frustrated. Therefore, experts advise that the same person weighs once every week, at the same day, and at the same time, every week with the same clothes that they wore in the previous weight measurement process.

16- Sleep for an adequate period
Where sleeping for enough hours helps the body to feel comfortable, relaxed, and satiated, and thus not having to eat night meals that lead to weight gain because lack of sleep will increase the feeling of hunger, and thus, weight gain.

17- Be aware of how much you are eating
 When we go to eat, we eat in large quantities, which leads us to sit at home and eat for fear of gaining weight.
Therefore, we recommend using measuring cups and determining the quantity, using small plates and small cups when eating, dividing a large meal into two small meals, placing small meals in multiple bags, all of which will help in losing weight successfully.

18- Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
As following a diet does not mean at all deprivations of food eating a lot of food, but fruits and vegetables because they are full of water and help to feel full, so there is nothing wrong with eating small meals, but eating them smartly, because that help in continuing to lose weight.

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19- Chew sugar-free gum

 As this helps to lose weight, unlike gum, which contains a high sugar content, it causes excess obesity without realizing it.

20- Write a diary of the food that you have eaten
Whereas, writing down what you ate during the day of food and drink helps you calculate the calories you ate during the day, and studies have shown those people who record what they ate during 6 days a week lose twice the weight those people who write it down once during the week.

21- Celebrate, but not by eating
 Have you lost weight? Did you achieve something?
If the answer is yes, then you have the right to celebration by buying something new or entering the cinema. Set the next achievement reward also as a kind of motivation, provided it is not a plate of pizza.

22 - Make sure your family supports you
As the support of family and friends helps you to motivate your journey to lose weight, especially in times of despair in the middle of the trip, they have a great role in helping you to continue to reach the goal.

We wish you a happy and healthy life. .

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