4 Reasons to Return Gain Weight Back After Losing Weight

 Some of the reasons cause the regaining of excess weight after losing it, and therefore these reasons must be recognized and avoided after the completion of the diet.

Many people fall into the trap of gaining weight again after a long journey of sticking to a diet that may extend for years.

There are some complex factors that cannot be controlled after losing weight, such as age, gender and genetic causes.

But some other factors can be controlled, which help to stabilize  weight.

Reasons for the return of weight after losing it

Learn about the main reasons that can lead to regaining the weight after losing it.

1- Not following a healthy diet

Some people imagine that once they lose weight, they can eat various foods again, as a result of feeling deprived throughout the diet.
This is a common mistake, as maintaining weight and not regaining it again requires changing the usual lifestyle to a healthy one, which depends on the abundance of useful foods and few in their calories, and avoiding unhealthy foods that cause weight gain.
This does not mean completely abstaining from favorite foods, but rather it can be eaten from time to time, so that it does not affect the healthy diet.

2- Follow an unhealthy diet

If the weight loss is through an unhealthy diet, such as chemical dieting and fast dieting regimens, the body does not lose fat but fluids, and temporary weight loss can be observed.

Once this chemical diet is stopped, the weight will begin to return quickly.

This applies to any diet that helps in losing weight quickly.

The downsides of rapid dieting are not limited to regaining weight, but it also affects the health of the body as a result of not getting all the nutrients that the body needs.

3- Lack of exercise

Exercising regularly helps keep weight from gaining weight, so lack of exercise can accelerate re-fat gain, especially with an unhealthy diet.

Exercise also contributes to tightening sagging skin during and after dieting, and therefore sport is considered one of the basic habits during weight loss.

You can reduce the number of days of exercising and choose light exercises if it is exhausting, but without stopping them.

4- Excessive stress and tension

Intense stress reduces the body's metabolism, which reduces the fat burning process.

With the return to normal eating, and the increase in stress and tension, the weight increases.

Focusing on work and not having enough time to eat the three meals or choose healthy foods will increase the chances of gaining weight again.

Also, many people tend to eat more when feeling stressed and anxious, which makes them more likely to gain weight.

Methods to prevent regaining weight after losing it

Through some methods, it can be avoided to regain weight after shedding it, and include:

  • Losing weight slowly: By choosing a healthy fat loss diet, which ensures that the weight is stable and not easily regained.
  • Recalculating the appropriate calories for you: You should follow a healthy diet after losing weight to maintain it, and you should know the number of calories that the body needs daily, so that you do not skip it.
  • Choose a weekly day for favorite foods: But this does not mean eating these foods throughout the day, because it can accelerate weight gain again.
  • Exercise: It is one of the main things that contribute greatly to maintaining weight and burning excess fats after completing the diet.
  • Adopting a healthy diet: to become a lifestyle and not just a temporary weight loss regimen.
  • Weight control: by reviewing the scale and ensuring that the weight is stable and does not increase over time.
    And if you notice that weight is gaining, you must stop the wrong eating habits, and stick to a healthy pattern.

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