Best Food Before Bodybuilding Exercises

Bodybuilding exercises

Many bodybuilders wonder about the best types of foods that help them exercise for a long time without feeling tired and exhausted, and some of them are interested in eating food before starting exercises with their wrong focus on the quantity of food and neglecting its quality, and the foods rich in protein and carbohydrates is considered the best food that can be Eat them before exercise, however there are other foods we will mention some of them in this article.

The best food before bodybuilding exercises

  •  Bananas

 Bananas contain potassium, which regulates nerve cell action, regulates muscle contraction, and is a rich source of fast-digesting carbohydrates, so it is best to eat it 45 minutes before exercise.

  • Oats

 Oatmeal cereal contains fibers that introduce carbohydrates into the blood gradually and not all at once, which helps the player maintain the stability of his energy level while he is in the gym, in addition to containing adequate amounts of vitamin B, which contributes to breaking down carbohydrates and converting them into energy, preferably Eat oatmeal at a rate of one cup before half an hour of exercise.

  • Whole bread

Whole bread contains adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates and other nutrients that the body needs to be in full strength, and it is preferable to eat it with a little honey or boiled eggs 30 minutes or 45 minutes before heading to the gym.

  • Fresh Juices

Natural fruit juice is a rich source of carbohydrates and proteins, and it is one of the foods that is easy to prepare in a short time, and you can drink at any time and found anywhere, and it is preferable not to over-drink it to avoid introducing excessive amounts of calories into the body.

  • The rice

 Each 100 grams of rice contains about 30 grams of carbohydrates. Rice can be eaten boiled or cooked, and it is preferable to eat it alongside cooked vegetables or salads.

  • Meat

Meat, especially red meat, contains high levels of protein that builds muscle during exercise, and it is preferable to eat it grilled or boiled and an hour before exercise if it is in the form of a small meal, but if it is a large meal, it is preferable to eat it three hours before exercise.

  • Coffee of all kinds

The caffeine present in these drinks helps to greatly increase the level of exercise performance, and it is preferable to drink it in moderate quantities and at least half an hour before exercise.

  • water

It is recommended to drink half a liter of water before bodybuilding exercises, as water improves the general body performance, and compensates for the fluid deficiency that results from exercise.

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