Reasons For Difficulty Burning Belly Fat

 The accumulation of fat in the abdominal area increases and is difficult to get rid of due to several reasons, and some methods can be done that help in promoting belly fat burning and losing  weight.

The abdomen is one of the areas where fat accumulates the most, which causes inconvenience for many people, whether men or women, because it is difficult to lose belly fat, unlike other areas of the body.

Causes of burning belly fat

Here are the reasons for difficulty of lose belly fat, and how to overcome them.

1- Advancing age

With age, the rate of fat burning in the body changes to become more slower, which makes it difficult to lose weight and excess fat, especially in the abdominal area.

This is due to the low levels of the body's hormones, whether the hormones estrogen and progesterone in women, or testosterone in men.

2- Not focusing on abdominal exercises

Each area of ​​the body has exercises that suit it and help in losing fat, and therefore the areas of fat accumulation in the body must be identified and start exercising their own.

For example, it is advised to focus on abdominal exercises to get rid of belly fat, and it must be practiced regularly.

3- Eat foods that hinder fat burning

There are some foods that hinder the burning of fats in the body, such as white bread, cakes and other pastries, especially after adding sugars to them to become a source of excess body fat.

Also, processed meats and unhealthy fats cause the accumulation of fat in various areas of the body, especially the abdomen.

Conversely, healthy foods help boost the body's metabolism and thus improve the metabolism rate, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy fats.

4- Increased stress and anxiety

When feeling stressed, levels of the hormone cortisol rise in the body, which prevents weight loss well, and tension causes disturbances in the various hormones that the body needs in the process of metabolism and fat burning.

5- Not getting enough sleep

In the event that you do not get enough sleep, the body produces high levels of ghrelin, a hormone that increases feelings of hunger which leads to overeating and difficulty losing weight.

Also, sleeping well at night helps in enhancing the functions of various body systems, thus improving metabolism and regulating hormones that aid in weight loss.

6- Genetic factors

Genetic factors play a role in the difficulty of losing belly fat, so people who enjoy an apple body that has a more full abdomen have difficulty losing fat in this area.

7- Infection with some diseases

Some diseases make it difficult to lose belly fat, especially diseases that affect the health of the thyroid gland and lead to hormonal imbalances.

Also, some health problems impede exercise, such as back and joint pain, etc., which makes the task difficult to lose belly fat.

Methods to enhance burning belly fat

Some methods can be used to improve burning belly fat, namely:

  • Eating a balanced diet: A balanced diet helps in improving the performance of various body systems, which is reflected in hormones and fat burning.
  • Abdominal exercises exercise: Abdominal exercises must be practiced daily to contribute to burning stubborn fat in this area.

  • Reducing stress: It is advised to avoid things that lead to feelings of tension, whether at work or personal life, because tension hinders weight loss and fat burning, and stress can lead to an increase in appetite and eating more food.
  • Sleep well: You must get enough sleep every day, especially at night, to prevent hormones from disturbances that affect the burning, and to avoid feeling hungry at night.
  • Quit smoking: One of the reasons that increase the chances of weight gain, especially belly fat, is smoking. Quitting smoking helps improve general health and promote fat burning.

    Wish you a happy and healthy life. .

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