How to Accelerate Metabolism Rate Permanently?

The speed of burning calories varies from person to person, and a person with his will is the only one who is able to know and determine his own burning mechanism, so if you go to the doctor because you need to lose weight, he will put a set of steps for you according to your health condition as for the speed of burning and the number of kilo should Missing according to the plan, it varies from person to person, and we will offer you here, dear reader, a set of tips to increase the speed of your burning throughout the day.

Simple tips to lose weight

Eat a healthy breakfast

Certainly, eating breakfast is an important and essential factor in increasing the rate of burning and thus weight loss. So if you want to lost weight, you must eat a good appropriate and sufficient breakfast, when waking up from sleep a person may not feel hungry.

In the event of late eating breakfast, the body enters a state of self-defense and preserves the meager amount of energy in it and stops the fat burning process completely and completely, and this eliminates the misconception by reducing meals, especially breakfast, in order to lose weight
So, dear reader, you should make sure to eat a healthy and complete breakfast. Eating breakfast helps to feel full throughout the day, in contrast to neglecting breakfast may cause the opposite result and even weight gain. That meal which is the most important throughout the day, must consist of protein represented in eggs and fiber Represented in brown bread or oatmeal, and vitamins represented in fruits and vegetables.

Caffeinated drinks to increase your metabolism rate

It is recommended to drink a cup of coffee that contains caffeine and not without caffeine, as caffeine is one of the first-class burning stimulants, as it increases the heart rate and consequently increases the burn, as the heart needs 500 to 600 calories to beat, and therefore, drink coffee is preferred In addition to breakfast to stimulate burning throughout the day effectively and successfully.

Eating protein is important for weight loss

Make sure to eat protein represented in red and white meats such as fish and poultry, Protein helps build muscles during the movement of the body that you do during the practice of various activities in the middle of the day, and muscles burn more calories than fat.

Cold water increases the burning rate

When you wake up and early in the morning, drink a glass of cold or iced water because in that case the body burns more calories in order to balance the body temperature, but dear reader it is advised to do this step only for healthy people who do not suffer from respiratory diseases or infections Stomach.

Drink green tea to burn fat

Replace all obesity-causing drinks that slow down your burning process by drinking green tea, as it is one of the main burning triggers, and therefore I doubled the burn twice, taking advantage of the effort you put into work in addition to drinking green tea and what it does to stimulate fat burning.

How to behave in the absence of suitable food for the diet?

It may happen at times that you find all that surrounds you at work ready meals with tons of calories and of course while you are at work you will not be able to prepare the salad that is the savior of those meals and at the same time you want to maintain the high burning rate that you have succeeded in reaching so all What you have to do is look for a cup of yogurt, as it is available everywhere, and the yogurt has a high percentage of calcium which is one of the burning stimuli, and thus you have maintained an effective burning rate during the work period without the need to resort to those high-fat meals that nullify the burning that may ruin your dream In  weight loss.

Buy organic products

Where studies have shown that those who tend to follow different diets and rely on these diets on meals and organic foods, this helps them to stimulate the burning process effectively and successfully, as they are foods free of toxins and help the cells of the human body to work with high efficiency and thus the speed of burning and weight loss successfully.

Eat spicy foods

Studies have shown that spicy foods that contain ingredients such as green chili, black pepper and hot spices help stimulate the process of burning fats inside the body, but dear reader, this is recommended for healthy people who do not suffer from diseases or infections of the stomach and colon.

Red meat

Most women suffer from a slow burning process, and this is due to the fact that they lose many vitamins and minerals every month during the menstrual period, which sometimes leads to anemia and lack of blood and thus the difficulty of oxygen access to the muscles, which leads to muscle weakness, which plays a major role in the burning process Calories, so it is advised to eat red meat because of its high content of iron, protein and vitamins in order to maintain an effective and high rate of the burning process.

Exercises is important to lose weight and fat burning

If you exercise and suffer from a slow burn process, double the number of hours of exercise that you exercise and double the days devoted to exercise. Make it three days a week instead of two days. The number of exercise hours per day should not be less than an hour, but make it two hours. Make the first hour to walking and the other hour to exercise of aerobic or cardio,  more hours of exercise increase burning rate.

Fish is necessary to increase fat burning

Like tuna, sardines, and salmon, they are rich in omega-3, although they contain fats, but they are healthy fats that do not cause weight gain, but rather help to burn body fat, build muscle and provide the body with 90% of its daily need of vitamin D, which helps to feel full and One of the main triggers fat burning.

 One plate of food

When you are at home after a long work day and eat a meal of lunch, eat one serving of food. There is no need for the second plate nor the second cup of juice, but all you really need may be rest after a long and exhausting work day.

Sleep well

Sleeping early helps stimulate the satiety hormone (leptin), as well as reducing the meals eaten during the night, but also helps continuing the burning process throughout the sleep period, so it is advised to make the last meal during the day containing a percentage of protein in order not to cause a state of muscle catabolism in sleep during burning process.

In conclusion, we note that issue of losing weight or slimming is not just a number of steps that a person or group of foods take for a certain period until he gets rid of the extra weight, but a healthy diet is a whole lifestyle that depends on eating adequate quantities of food and not starvation in addition to foods or drinks Certain substances increase fat burning, as we have mentioned in more than one article, and this is side by side with the interest in practicing motor activity, even if regular walking.

Wish you a happy and healthy life..

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